Book review: Tuesday's Gone - Nicci French

Tuesday's Gone

The blurb.
Sometimes the mind is a dangerous place to hide.

The rotting, naked corpse of a man is found amidst swarms of flies in the living room of a confused woman. Who is he? Why is Michelle Doyce trying to serve him afternoon tea? And how did the dead body find its way into her flat?

DCI Karlsson needs an expert to delve inside Michelle's mind for answers and turns to former colleague, psychiatrist Frieda Klein. Eventually Michelle's ramblings lead to a vital clue that in turn leads to a possible identity. Robert Poole. Jack of all trades and master conman.
The deeper Frieda and Karlsson dig, the more of Poole's victims they encounter . . . and the more motives they uncover for his murder. But is anyone telling them the truth except for poor, confused Michelle?
And when the past returns to haunt Frieda, she finds herself in danger. Whoever set out to destroy Poole also seems determined to destroy Frieda Klein.

My opinion.
This is the second "Frieda Klein" novel, and it's even better than the first one. Where Blue Monday was an amazing novel and the perfect introduction to the character of Frieda Klein, this novel really digs deeper. The crime is more complicated, Frieda's personal life is more complicated and gets more attention, and nothing and no one is as they seem.
You've got the main story: a body is found and now the search begins for it's identity and killer, but there's a second mystery, one that seems unrelated to the rest of the story; a mystery within a mystery. The story intrigues from the very first page and it doesn't let you go. Even after finishing the book. Frieda Klein's story isn't finished yet, and I'm very happy for that.

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