Book review: Wolfsangel - Liza Perrat (L'Auberge des Anges #2)

The blurb.
Seven decades after German troops march into her village, Céleste Roussel is still unable to assuage her guilt.

1943. German soldiers occupy provincial Lucie-sur-Vionne, and as the villagers pursue treacherous schemes to deceive and swindle the enemy, Céleste embarks on her own perilous mission as her passion for a Reich officer flourishes.

When her loved ones are deported to concentration camps, Céleste is drawn into the vortex of this monumental conflict, and the adventure and danger of French Resistance collaboration.

As she confronts the harrowing truths of the Second World War’s darkest years, Céleste is forced to choose: pursue her love for the German officer, or answer General de Gaulle’s call to fight for France.

Her fate suspended on the fraying thread of her will, Celeste gains strength from the angel talisman bequeathed to her through her lineage of healer kinswomen. But the decision she makes will shadow the remainder of her days.
A woman’s unforgettable journey to help liberate Occupied France, Wolfsangel is a stirring portrayal of the courage and resilience of the human mind, body and spirit.

My opinion.
Expectations were high for "Wolfsangel" after reading the brilliant "Spirit of Lost Angels", but Liza Perrat met all of them and more. Her wonderful storytelling catapults you back in time. The Second World War is still very present in our collective memories: monuments, memorials, tributes,...  but "Wolfsangel" takes you to the people and the villages beyond the front, away from the trenches and into the lives of people living in occupied France.
Because of the synopsis and the prologue, I couldn't help but dreading what it was that would make Céleste feel so guilty. At first it annoyed me a bit cause it seemed to stop me from really connecting with Céleste, but I soon realized that it was because of that "dread" that it was so easy to feel the anxiety, stress and hopelessness the characters feel throughout this horrible period in our recent history.
[As a heroine though, I did feel more for Victoire (Spirit of Lost Angels) than I did for Céleste.]
Once again a brilliant novel, I cannot stress enough how amazing the "L'Auberge des Anges" series is!

 I enjoyed every page and look forward to the next one.
I very highly recommend this series!
Many thanks to Liza Perrat for asking me to read and review the sequel to Spirit of Lost Angels as well.


  1. Thanks for a great review, Maryline. So glad you enjoyed Wolfsangel!

    1. My pleasure Liza, It's a brilliant book! Thank you!


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