Book review: Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero - Harriet Evans

From international favorite and bestseller Harriet Evans, the charming sequel to beloved novel A Hopeless Romantic that asks the question: Do you believe in happy endings?

Laura Foster used to be a hopeless romantic. She was obsessed with meeting her own Prince Charming until she grew up and realized real life doesn't work like that. Then she met Nick. A romantic hero straight from a fairytale, with a grand country estate and a family tree to match. They've been together four years now and Laura knows that what really matters is the two of them, not everything else around them. She can't imagine ever loving anyone the way she loves Nick.

Now, though, people are openly asking when they'll hear wedding bells, and Nick is keeping secrets from Laura. She's starting to feel she might not be 'good enough' for his family. 

Can an ordinary girl like Laura make it work with one of the most eligible men in the country?

My opinion.
From the moment I saw this book, I knew I just had to read it. The cover is wonderfully romantic and the title.. I mean, how could you not want to read this?

I'll start with a confession: I'm one of those tourists who visits manors and stately homes
Mum & me at Castle Howard last summer
when I'm in the UK. I'm a hopeless romantic who spent way too much of her time watching Downton Abbey and BBC adaptions of Jane Austen's novels (and reading those very same Jane Austen's).

So, what I meant to say, is that I apparently found the perfect author for me: Harriet Evans!
I immediately pictured myself as lady Ranelagh, but I loved that Laura, the main character, kept both feet on the ground throughout.
Even though this story is only 107 pages long, Harriet Evans made me feel heart broken, stupidly in love and so touched I actually cried. Brilliant.
Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero is a wonderfully sweet romance I highly recommend to anyone who has ever dreamed of her own Mr. Darcy or Lord Crawley.


Thank you so much to Dawn for sending me this book
- such a wonderful gift! Thank you!
I'll pass it on to another reader!


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