Movie Books: Divergent

As you can read here, I'm a massive Divergent fan! I bought tickets for the movie from the moment they were available here in Belgium. The cast held a few surprises, but I already saw a few trailers and interviews etc. before seeing the movie, so by the time I actually sat down in the theater, I had made my peace with the casting.
Like we see in all movie adaptations, a few details are left out and some things just are more clear and hold more meaning when you read about them in the books, but over all I feel like the movie really captured what the book trilogy is all about. [Just wanted to add - without giving away spoilers - that I did found the control room -scene disappointing: it's a crucial moment and I do feel they deviated too much from the book, on this one.]
Is this the greatest movie of the year? Probably not, but it did stay true to the world and characters Veronica Roth created and I will definitely watch Divergent again and will be just as enthusiastic about Insurgent, when that film comes out!


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