I'm back!

Hello everyone!

Those who know me or visited the site before might know that I'm studying History at uni as well as a librarian course and a course on heritage preservation in adult education. Being a student means I have weeks (or sometimes even months) with lots of time for reading and reviewing, and weeks where the only books I see are those I'm studying or writing a paper on. January was that sort of time. With 7 exams to study for I had very little time to read, let alone review. Hence the radio silence.

Exams are finished now, which means... I'm BACK! 
I've never had the sort of blog that posts on a regular schedule; I read and review when I can. That won't change for 2016. I can only hope to read A LOT this year, and to welcome all of you back to M's Bookshelf.

Thanks for all the support,



  1. welcome back! hope your exams went well x

    1. Thank you Dawn! & thank you for stopping by. Exams went really well (apart from one ;-) ) So I'm pretty happy with that! I'm just really excited to be able to get back to reading ;-) Hope you're well! xxx


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