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Plunge into post-Brexit Britain and follow Prime Minister Tracy Meller in the biggest struggle she has ever faced, as the country is hit by a huge crisis and her opponents leave her no respite. Meet ordinary people caught up in the storm. Visit Chequers and historical places where the action takes place.

London, 2022 Tracy Meller, the UK’s Conservative Prime Minister, is facing an unprecedented crisis.

Having halted the endless negotiations to leave the European Union four years earlier, Prime Minister Meller chose the most uncompromising of all possible exits, a “Brexit XXL” with serious consequences. The economy is at a standstill, the financial markets are panicking. The opposition Labour Party launches an attack on the Prime Minister with a promise of a return to the European Union. The country’s morale is at rock bottom: everyone is afraid for their jobs and losing faith in the future. As for Scotland, its thoughts are increasingly turning back to independence. Prime Minister Meller herself is beginning to doubt the wisdom of her decision…

Will the UK survive this historic crisis? Brexit XXL is a work of fiction about the most risky Brexit scenario, based on a detailed analysis of British political culture. Both realistic and instructive, the plot of the novel has a particular resonance today, encouraging reflection on the sovereignty of nations and the future of the European project.

My opinion.
Brexit, a hot-topic if there ever was one. From the moment the concept was introduced, it's been hard to really understand the consequences, pro's and con's of the UK leaving the European Union. In 'Brexit XXL', author Vincent Pluchet sketches a world post-Brexit. Supported by such convincing numbers, theories and arguments, you sometimes have to remind yourself that this is set in a hypothetical future with (barely) fictional politicians. 
This is what makes this a tough one to review. On the one hand, it's clear that this political scenario is based on very real facts of present day economical and political structures and climates. Brexit and it's (potential) consequences is explained here in such a way that even a non-UK resident like me with no economical background, understands the different actors involved and the market influences and speculations in this very believable post-Brexit scenario.
We're shown a political chess game with all the right ingredients for a political thriller - with power-struggles, schemes and manipulation on the highest levels of government and financial institutions. But, and this brings me to my reservations, as much as I'd wanted it to, the book didn't progress from a descriptive text to an actual story. However detailed the author tried to present different scenes, the excessive detail tried but failed to 'reach' or move the reader.
Clearly well-researched but with excessive descriptions, 'Brexit XXL' was informative and impressive, but not captivating enough.


Author Information A graduate of the London School of Economics and the French École Polytechnique, Vincent Pluchet has a passion for historical and political topics. He works as a consultant in Finance and Strategy in the Middle East, where he has been based since 2004. He was a CFO with a large financial institution for more than fifteen years. He is married with one daughter. Please check out


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