#BookReview Sue Moorcroft - The Christmas Letters


The blurb.
A secret romance was just the start of the story…
Tucked into a crook of the Norfolk coast lies Nelson’s Bar – an idyllic village where time seems to stand still. Maddy Cracey has called this beautiful spot home all her life, as had her husband Adey – until an epic row sent him storming out into a blizzard, with no sign of him since that fateful night.
Six years on, and Maddy’s life in the village has settled into a gentle pattern with her young daughter and Great Aunt Ruthie. However, when handsome stranger Raff turns up with a handful of long-forgotten love letters, their quiet life is upended as family secrets from the past are unearthed.
As Raff and Maddy get to know each other, they grow closer and a love story of their own seems inevitable. But when Maddy receives a mysterious message, she can’t help but wonder whether her own past is as distant as she'd thought it was…


My review
I was very pleasantly surprised by this lovely, warm read by Sue Moorcroft. Expecting a light, one in a million, slightly predictable but entertaining and cosy 'christmassy' book, I instead found myself invested in a love story that went so much deeper than I had anticipated. Yes it's set in Winter time and yes, there is a small English village, snow and romance. But there's so much more depth in both storylines and characters.

'The Christmas Letters' tells us the love story of more than one couple, and none of them are straightforward or predictable. With 'family' as the main focus point, the story is every bit as complicated, messy and yet heartwarming as you would expect. But when Maddy's past starts haunting her, another layer is added with this sense of foreboding and even dread.
A perfect romance story for those dark and cosy winter nights. Very much enjoyed reading 'The Christmas Letters'.


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