Professional ReaderHi!

Thank you for visiting M's Bookshelf!

Here are some of the genres I'm interested in:

Thriller (crime), Chick Lit, Woman's Fiction, Historical or Contemporary Fiction/Romance,...

** I'm currently not accepting any review requests. I'm due at the end of August/beginning of September with Baby n°1 and won't be able to commit to any review requests.**

All books get an honest review (with a 1-5 star rating) within 2 days of reading them. Reviews will also be posted on and and links to author's website/Twitter or publisher will be included in the review posted on the blog (please let me know which info you would like me to include). I will use Twitter and Facebook to promote these reviews.

I look forward to hearing from you (not a standard "send to all" request).





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  2. Hello!
    I'd love to connect and collaborate with you (somehow!)
    My work outlines practical and creative ideas inspired by love in the quest for wellbeing.
    In Fit for Joy, I wrote about the paradox of two realities that don’t match: physical health and mental chaos. The idea was to start a conversation about the “true” meaning of health.  
    As a podcast host, I am in search of meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about mental and spiritual health that can awaken new ways of thinking, leading us toward a new way of being — Being Well." 
    Would you be interested in any or a combination of:
    - A podcast interview: A Quest for Well-Being- Guest blogging- Book review or book review exchange
    Much Love,Valeria 
    Podcast Page: