#BookReview Amanda Lees - The Paris Spy's Girl

The blurb.
Paris, 1943. The candlelit salon goes silent, the eyes of every German officer on me. I pause in the door, no hint of a tremble from the champagne glass in my hand, playing my part to perfection. If my deception doesn’t utterly convince them, the war will be lost…

As war rages all over Europe, former runaway Christine is now the most dangerous – and most beautiful – asset the British Secret Service has in Paris. Every safe house that falls under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower is like a second home, and she can disappear into the winding maze of cobbled streets that lead to the Seine like a shadow. Now Christine is on her most vital mission yet. She must go deep undercover to find out who has betrayed the Allied spy network, selling their secrets – and her fellow agents – to the Nazis.Forced to work with Charlie, a charmingly determined American secret agent, Christine has no choice but to rely on him. Together, they must pretend to be everything they aren’t – Nazi collaborators, and lovers – and risk not just their lives but the lives of their colleagues all over France to unmask the traitor in their midst. But as they get closer to the truth, and each other, the stress of living undercover takes its toll. 

Christine can’t trust anyone, even Charlie. And just as her past – and the girl she was before she became Christine – catches up with her, the mission demands a sacrifice so great it may destroy everything she holds dear. Can Christine find the courage to do what it takes? And who will pay the ultimate sacrifice if she fails…?


My review.
What a gorgeous read. I’ve got a bit of a book hangover after finishing this, not sure what to read or even do next! An incredibly moving, gripping page turner set during a dangerous time in a city filled with intrigue, betrayal and passion. The suspense kept me glued to the page, which intensified when the storyline was interrupted by chapters that went back a couple of years in the past. Those chapters explained more of who our main character is, where she comes from and how she got the where she is in the present day (… her present day, 1944). All the while making you want to know more and yet continue to the storyline in 1944, dying to know what will happen next, both fascinated and afraid of what Christine will encounter next. Almost too scared to find out who’s betrayal she’ll stumble on… or if she’ll finally be found out. I couldn’t put this down and was incredibly moved by the heartbreak and bravery shown by these characters, knowing how many of them like this did give their lives fighting for freedom all those years ago. Beautiful read.


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