#BookReview Marty Wingate - A Body on the Doorstep (London Ladies' Murder Club #1)

The blurb.
Fiercely independent Mabel Canning can’t wait to begin working for the Useful Women’s Agency. But when she discovers a body on her client’s doorstep, it’s time to add solving murders to her job description…

London, 1921: Mabel Canning is proud to be a modern woman working for the Useful Women’s Agency, carrying out tasks for gentlewomen from flower arranging to washing muddy dogs. But when she answers the door for wealthy widow Rosalind Despard, she almost chokes on her cucumber sandwich when she finds a soldier’s body on the doorstep.

As she offers tea to the policemen of Scotland Yard, Mabel can’t resist getting drawn into the investigation. Who was the mysterious dead man? And why was he holding a letter for Rosalind, written by her husband on the day he disappeared?

As Mabel hunts for clues, she joins forces with Rosalind’s handsome brother, former detective Park Winstone, and his adorable terrier, Gladys. But when Mabel suspects she is being followed, the detective duo know that time is running out before the killer strikes again.

As she investigates, Mabel discovers dusty old photographs that help her reveal the soldier’s true identity. But as she gets closer to uncovering the young man’s murderer, she knows she’s also one step closer to danger... Can she outsmart the killer and save Park and Rosalind before they also turn up dead as doornails?

My review.
ARC | Is this a new genre I completely missed?! How brilliant! Historical fiction, a classic whodunnit crime novel, all with the easiness and joyfulness of a delicious women’s fiction read. I’m obsessed! Just like I am with the main character, Mabel. She’s smart, insightful and brave. I’m in awe with how she carries herself and, as I previously drew comparison to chick-lit or women’s fiction, it’s incredibly refreshing to have a MC who’s not held back by doubt or insecurities, which is so often the case. Mabel is fierce, very confident in herself, her talents and intellect and she radiates a self confidence you can feel coming through the pages. She is kind and considerate and both the woman you’d aspire to be and want as your friend.
Although this is not your typical fast paced crime novel, the mystery keeps you glued to the page as the plot thickens and more clues (and bodies!) are discovered. It took me until the final chapter to understand how this could be turned into a series, but yesss I am here for it!
Great read!


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