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Book review: Little Book of Lost Hearts - Valerie-Anne Baglietto

Little Book of Lost Hearts

The blurb.
Introducing Fools Castle, a forgotten village about to be remembered...

Nothing much happens around here, but that suits Antoinette Ellis perfectly. She wants the cocoon the village provides. Fate has taken too many of her loved ones, and all she has left is her brother, and their late sister’s daughter, Tabitha. Antoinette gave up her future to look after her young niece, but her sacrifice hasn't gone unnoticed. 

When a stranger called Rufus moves into the grim little house opposite her cottage, odd things start to happen in Fools Castle. He admits he’s not the person he appears to be, but he won’t reveal who he really is. And what secrets lie within that tatty old book of his, which no one is allowed to look inside? 

A miracle is long overdue, but the season for miracles is just around the corner.

My opinion.

I love a good Christmas novella and this one definitely makes you all "Christmassy". Antoinette's family obviously went through a lot and you really hope, with all your heart, that things will get better for her. I found her a very selfless, kind and generous person, but I was worried about how she seems to hide herself and her few loved ones from the rest of the world. I was confused and excited at the same time to see her opening up to Rufus, her new neighbour... and stranger. This stranger however might just be the one that gets her out of hiding. 

I loved how Valerie-Anne kept me guessing about Antoinette's past, and how I couldn't make my mind up about Rufus. Is he meddling and controlling... or does he just have that magical spark? You'll just have to see for yourself.

Little Book of Lost Hearts is a very charming and heart warming novella, one you should definitely read this season!

Valerie-Anne's website

Many thanks to Valerie-Ann for getting me into the holiday spirit,
for letting me read and review this charming novella.
Merry Christmas!

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