Monday, 10 February 2014

Movie Books: The Wolf Of Wall Street


As you can read here, I wasn't the biggest Jordan Belfort fan after reading the book. I was, however, very excited to go and see the movie. A lot (!) of people were very enthusiastic about it and Leo's performance promised to be brilliant. Leo, of course, made those expectations true.
For the most part the movie script stayed close to the original book, which I like, so +points there! Near the end of the movie though, things were rushed (in comparison to the book that is) and not some key-points got changed. But I have to admit, it fit the movie and "the Wolf", so I'm not going to complain to much about that.
When reading the book I felt like it was a bit boring at times and needed some more editing, and that's what the movie did. It was still as vulgar as the book, but at least it stayed more or less interesting. Where the book Jordan goes on and on about stocks and shares and banks, movie Jordan tells just enough to give you and idea, and after that just gives the bottom line: "blabla technical terms, end result = I get more richer". Another + is that theautobiographical aspect was also translated into the movie.
My verdict: it's a very good adaptation of the book, I'm happy I went to see the movie... but I'm just not a very big Jordan Belfort fan.

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