Wednesday, 19 November 2014

TV-show: Heat Wave - Richard Castle


Castle is one of my favourite tv-shows so I was really excited to finally read all about Nikki Heat. From the very beginning of the book it was clear the four main characters, Kate, Castle, Ryan and Espo, were there, just under a different name. Although this got me really excited at first - since it felt like the start of an "all new Castle episode", I was disappointed , pretty early on, by the lack of chemistry. The Castle-Beckett magic just wasn't there, nor was the Ryan-Espo bromance. The banter wasn't as funny and the characters in the novel felt flat and impersonal. I didn't feel like I was reading Richard Castle's words, more like (good) fan fiction.
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  1. That's a shame really, I would really want to have all the same chemistry that they have in the series. I just LOVE that show!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Suzy! & yes, real shame. I am tempted to read the rest of the series though (even if it's just to have them on my shelf *fan girl* and pretend they're "the real Castle books" ;-) )