Sunday, 15 March 2015

Book Review: Learn To Love Again - Ellen Faith

Living in a small seaside village can have its perks, but after the death of her husband, Lillie Gilbert finds the people she grew up with turning against her faster than the tide rolls out.

As she grieves for the life they planned, the life they’ll never live, she leans on her best friend for support and tries to come to terms with the fact that one day, she may have to open up her heart to a new life and new love.

After losing her childhood sweetheart, can Lillie really Learn to Love Again?

My opinion:
From the moment I started reading Learn To Love Again I felt heartbroken. Lillie's pain is described so beautifully and realistically. Without even knowing her as a character, or knowing what actually happened to her, I felt protective over Lillie. I've never felt so close, so emotional towards  a character this soon (a couple of pages) into a story.
A cried a. lot. reading this novella. But the beautiful thing about Ellen Faith's writing is that it didn't make me said. I was emotional and touched, but also really hopeful for the characters to find their happiness (again).
Learn To Love Again is a wonderful read. Ellen Faith draws you in from the moment you start with beautifully described raw emotions, 'real' characters, honest conversations and intense confrontations. Beautiful.


Thank you, Ellen, for giving me the opportunity to BETA-read
Learn To Love Again. I honestly enjoyed every moment of reading this story.

Beautiful book trailer by Tay from CHICKS THAT READ

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