Thursday, 28 January 2016

Book review: Sleepyhead - Mark Billingham (Tom Thorne #1)

Alison Willetts has survived a stroke, deliberately induced by a skilful manipulation of pressure points on the head and neck. In leaving Alison alive, the police believe the killer's made a mistake. 
Then DI Tom Thorne discovers the horrifying truth: it isn't Alison who is the mistake, it's the three women already dead.

My opinion.
I had never read any of Mark Billingham's books before, but when his name came up as a suggested read on the cover of one of my favourite books, I decided it was time to change that. I picked up the first book in the Tom Thorne series 'et voilà'.
Tom Thorne is not an easy character to like, or to warm up to. He's tortured by things that happened in his past but incredibly motivated to solve this murder case in the present. Only that motivation turns into obsession. Along with Tom Thorne, you think you got it all figured out. And you're waiting for that one misstep that will get this monster arrested. But this killer is playing a game.
Mark Billingham alternates between Tom Thorne's perspective, that of the killer and even that of one of his victims. Hearing Alison's thoughts is incredibly. It's a very unique reading experience and she actually brings a humorous aspect to the story - how unbelievable that may seem. She's a star! Being able to "look inside the killer's head" makes him an even more disturbing villain, one who will haunt you even after you've closed the book.


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