Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Blog tour: Christmas at Mistletoe Cove - Holly Martin (Hope Island #3)

Growing up on Hope Island, Eden Lancaster always believed that if you wished hard enough for something, dreams really could come true. But Eden’s greatest wish is also her biggest secret: she has been completely in love with her childhood friend, the charming and attractive Dougie Harrison, for as long as she can remember. And he has no idea.

When Dougie leaves his successful life in New York to return home to Hope Island for good, Eden can’t escape her feelings. Her heart is full of hope that her romantic dreams are finally, at long last, going to come true…

This Christmas could change everything. But can a lifelong friendship really turn into the perfect romance? And will Eden get the happily ever after she’s always wished for?

My opinion.
I'm desperately running out of new ways to describe the magic of a Holly Martin novel. 
Her previous books already showed there's no better way than a Christmas + Holly Martin combination, but oh boy did this book surpass all my expectations and more! Nothing compares to the romance of the Christmas season and with Holly's gorgeous stories this only gets magnified... times a thousand.
I'm not sure how many more ways you can conjure up the perfect (book)boyfriend, but again, I've completely fallen in love with the hero in this story. Those men on Hope Island... Pfew!
Dougie Harrison is romantic, sweet, sexy, loving, caring,... and although his career and professional ambitions take a back seat to his and Eden's love story in this book, he's also creative and driven which makes him pretty much perfect. I don't blame Eden for fearing he's too good to be true. Although with Eden's humor, her passion for her job and the same qualities of being a caring, loving person, it's not hard to see why Dougie would be head over heals for her too.
As far as romance book series go, the Hope Island series is probably the best I've read. The sequence of seasons in the titles, the unique family that gave the opportunity for three separate love stories without feeling forced, the way that all three of them got their moment to shine, but without completely ignoring the others in the meantime,... The build-up for book two and three started in book one, and the relationships of the first two books also got their shining moment in the third one. Perfectly balanced. Not only are you completely immersed in the love story you're reading, you truly feel like you know and understand the characters better, thanks to knowing so much about their environment, but also about the most important people in their lives. This gives a whole extra debt to these stories. 
I could go on, but let's summarize: Holly Martin is a genius. Her stories and book heroes will make you swoon. And Christmas at Mistletoe Cove is just another perfect example of her skills as an author and storyteller. I'm in love!


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