Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Book tour: Squeeze Play - Aven Ellis

306 pages
Publisher - Self Published
Release Date - 25th October 2017

The blurb.

Full of enthusiasm, recent graduate Hayley Carter is thrilled to be working for a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. Having spent a lot of her life in the background due to family circumstances, Hayley is eager to step up and be heard—and bring much needed change to her new organization. With romance on the shelf, it’s time to focus on herself and new career. Armed with a workbook to help her improve on a personal and professional level, Hayley is ready to become a better version of who she already is.

But will a baseball player for the Washington Soaring Eagles challenge her thoughts on not only dating, but the person she thinks she needs to be?

Brody Jensen is the new catcher for the professional team in DC. Baseball is everything to Brody and has been his salvation while growing up. Brody wants to make the most of his full-time shot behind the plate. Which means no serious relationships.

However, when a chance encounter leads him to Hayley, Brody finds himself wanting to know all about the beautiful blonde who has engaged him from the moment he spotted her. Together, they find themselves questioning the ideals they had set for not only relationships, but themselves, too.

When the cherry blossoms bloom in the nation's capital, Cupid puts a squeeze play on Hayley and Brody. Will they be brave enough to love themselves and each other? Will love be called out? Or will their relationship be safe at home?

My opinion.
I've absolutely loved reading "Squeeze Play". Brody and Hayley are definitely some of my favourite Aven characters to date. Their witty, flirty dynamic is addictive and I fell in love with them right from the start. Although this book is unmistakably an Aven Ellis novel, something about it made it feel new and '"fresh". Aven Ellis' writing is strong and confident and it translates beautifully into these character's dialogue and personalities.
"Squeeze Play" is Aven Ellis' funniest novel yet, and might just be my favourite too! Fun, flirty, smart and original characters as always - a joy to read. I guarantee you'll fall in love with Brody and Hayley just like I have.


Read an extract here.

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