Thursday, 13 June 2013

Book review: Billy and Me - Giovanna Fletcher

The blurb.
Sophie May has a secret.

One that she’s successfully kept for years. It’s meant that she’s had to give up her dreams of going to university and travelling the world to stay in her little village, living with her mum and working in the local teashop.

But then she meets the gorgeous Billy – an actor with ambitions to make it to the top. And when they fall in love, Sophie is whisked away from the comfort of her life into Billy’s glamorous – but ruthless – world.

Their relationship throws Sophie right into the spotlight after years of shying away from attention. Can she handle the constant scrutiny that comes with being with Billy? And most of all, is she ready for her secret heartbreak to be discovered and shared with the nation?

My opinion.
I instantly fell in love with Sophie. She's such a lovely, kind person and I love how geeky she is. (Booknerds, unite!) Even though I haven't experienced any of the things Sophie has, I could still relate to her. I could feel here pain, her joy,... through the words on the page. That's some good writing! 
Everyone should read this. That being said, no one should read this in public. I cried my eyes out for a good 1/3 of the book. It's the perfect story. It's romantic, it's emotional, it's real. And most importantly, even with all the crying involved, it leaves you with nothing but warm and happy feelings.
(It also left me with a very big appetite for tea and cake ;-) )
Can't wait for the next Giovanna Fletcher book; what a debut!

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