Thursday, 12 September 2013

Book review: Bodie - Anne Sweazy-Kulju

The blurb.
"Blowing out the exhale, he tipped his hat at the few still-breathing horses. 'Don't worry; you'll be dead 'fore the buzzards gather to pick at ya.' Parker squinted up at the sun and saw buzzards were circling overhead already. 'I think, ' he laughed cruelly." 
Lara and Lainy survived foster care and all its horrors, but the experience left them incomplete in that they had no knowledge of the people they came from. Unknowingly, until now, each of them has had a reoccurring dream for more years than they can remember the same dream. When the girls are regressed by a therapist anxious to publish their story, they learn shocking details about themselves, an unsolved murder in Bodie, California, and a massive cover-up. They want to investigate but a mining executive can't allow the "Dream Sisters" to go poking around Bodie, anymore than he could allow the therapist to go public and threaten his thirty-five million dollar deal. Are the "Bad Men From Bodie" really dead? Join Lainy and Lara as they dig up shocking secrets in Bodie. Based on a true story.

My opinion.
Where to begin... Let's start by saying I absolutely loved this book. The story captivates you from the very first page and it haunts you until you've unraveled the mystery that is "Bodie" and the dream-connection; much like it is for the sisters themselves, who need to dig up all that history so they can put it to rest and find peace themselves. This story really has everything: it's got history and modern day live (until those eventually blend together), it's exciting, thrilling, scary at times but with a hint of romance. Perfect.
I really loved the blend between history and present, both through the dream connection and in the relationships between those characters (both "then" and "now"), their plans, hopes, schemes,... History does seem to repeat itself, especially through human flaws and greed, but luckily also through love.
Before this book, I had never really given much thought to past lives, destiny, dreams,... but this story really makes you reconsider; although you don't have to believe it to enjoy this book: it captivates you no matter what. 
Last note: the book cover is perfect. It gave me chills, it's mysterious, dark, ominous, it breathes history... It's the ideal cover for this book.
Many thanks to Anne for giving me the opportunity to read and review your novel. 
I loved every minute and every page.

'Bodie' by Anne Sweazy-Kulju is out on September 17th 2013. 
Go get your copy!


  1. Thank you, Maryline! I'm so happy you liked the book. I am hoping it is as much fun to read as it was for me to write. Speaking of fun writings, my next novel, "Grog Wars," set in 1850's Portland, Oregon (Shanghai capital of the world; one of the most dangerous places to live, at the time), is nearly complete, and is shaping up to be as much a free-bootin' adventure as Bodie--maybe more. I'll keep you posted of its progress, if you like..
    This was a lovely review. Thank you so much!

  2. I'm very happy you liked my review Anne, thank you! I'm already looking forward to "Grog Wars", please do keep me posted!

  3. Your blog is outstanding, Maryline! I wanted you to know that "Grog Wars" is in production at Tate Publishing. I would love for you to read an ARC and tell me what you think (as I write the sequel to this historical fiction/alternate fiction adventure). Do you have an eReader? I can send you a pdf. Let me know. Perhaps if you enjoy Grog Wars, you might consider being my read-along critic of Grog Wars Dos. I should get plenty of writing done during the first half of May, as I will be recuperating from two more spine surgeries in sunny Florida (for almost three weeks). Hope you're well and school is going well for you, girl! Anne

    1. Hi Anne!
      Thank you so much - it has changed a lot since posting this review! So happy with it; really enjoying this :-)
      I'd LOVE to read "Grog Wars", thank you so much for considering me! I'd love to help you out with Grog Wars Dos as well, if I like Grog Wars - IF you consider me suited for that job (I am SO honored right now!). I do have an e-reader so any digital format should work! Thanks again Anne, this made my day!
      I wish you all the best with the surgeries and your recovery!! [Very busy with school atm, but all is well :-) ]
      x Mary