Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Book review: The She Code - Chris Marie Green

The She Code

The blurb.
“I suspected my friendship with Sheila was doomed on the night she blew my boyfriend....”

Meet Mandy Halsey, fresh out of college and determined to go from being a receptionist at the assembly line comic book house where she works to being a real-live penciler by the end of the year. That’s the plan, anyway.

But life isn’t cooperating. First, her job feels like a dead end. Second, her personal life isn’t exactly on fire, either, especially since her best friend seems to be moving in on every guy who catches Mandy’s eye. Is it just Mandy’s imagination or has Sheila totally changed since graduation, becoming someone who’s almost a stranger?

No way, because the BFFs grew up with The She Code. See, girls have rules with each other, so surely the friend Mandy grew up with wouldn’t ever break the Code—and break Mandy’s heart at the same time...

The She Code is a new adult/chick lit/geek lit hybrid.

My opinion.

Mandy Halsey is an easy to love, geeky wall flower. Or is she? It soon becomes obvious that there's more to her than being the sidekick of a flirty BFF or her interest in comic books.
I don't now very much about comic books but I loved it as a "setting" for this novel. It's a novel about boy trouble, but mostly about friendship. The fact that it wasn't yet another NY-based chick-lit made it so much more fun and unexpected.

The relationships in The She Code are also very realistic. The "groups" at work, the stereotypes, but most importantly: the BFF. Although Mandy and Sheila have been friends for so many years, Mandy can still see the faults in her BFF, even if she doesn't comment on them. She's forgiving and tolerant (maybe too much for her own good) no matter what, but she's still real.

Mandy is a wonderful main character. She goes through a lot, especially towards the end of the story, but she keeps true to herself. I'm not really a "BFF kinda girl", but Mandy sounds like the best BFF a girl could wish for.

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Many thanks to The Knight Agency for providing me with a review copy.
I really enjoyed reading The She Code.

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