Book review: A Cat Called Dog - Jem Vanston


Dog is a cat - the only problem is he doesn't behave like one. Instead he wags his tail, sticks out his tongue and yaps in a manner distinctly puppyish. Something has to be done; the pride of cats is at stake!

Against his better instincts, George, an old ginger tom, decides to take on the enormous task of teaching the confused kitten how to behave like a proper cat. In the company of the cheeky Eric, the mysterious and exotic Francois and the elegant Miss Fifi, George commences his teaching of the cat curriculum, including lessons on the feline 'Holy Trinity': eating, sleeping and washing. 

But things do not go smoothly. Maybe Dog will find it impossible to change and unlearn all his bad habits?

A Cat Called Dog is an entertaining, funny and heart-warming novel that is all about cats and what they get up to when you're not looking! It is as wonderfully arch and droll and the memorable cat characters themselves, with some gloriously witty dialogue and scenes. 

It could also be seen as a mild satire on human nature, riddled with subtexts, dealing with issues of identity, loyalty, betrayal, trust and friendship - like Animal Farm, with cats!

*** A Cat Called Dog was one of my holiday reads - Tuscany, Italy ***

My opinion
A Cat Called Dog is an amazingly entertaining, heartwarming and funny read. Every cat owner has asked himself at least once what it would be like if their beloved pet could talk, or understand what you're saying to them. Well, A Cat Called Dog gives an endearing, funny view on "the world according to cats". It will make you laugh out loud. I promise you, you won't look at your furry pet the same, after reading this. Jem Vanston introduces some adorable characters: cats with their own "look" and personality, complete with accents! I was very pleasantly surprised, reading this book and I really enjoyed this relaxing, endearing story. A must read for cat lovers.


Thank you so much, Jem, for sending me a copy for me to review.
It was the perfect holiday read and I really enjoyed reading it!


  1. This book sounds so stinkin' cute! Even though I don't typically read anything outside of romance, I'd buy this for a friend or animal lover, or even to read to my dog, Dixie - hehehe

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by & commenting! It's definitely a very fun gift idea for an animal lover. And you're completely right, it IS stinkin' cute ;-) x


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