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Q&A: Robert Bryndza

Today we're having a chat with the wonderful 
Robert Bryndza, 
author of the Coco Pinchard books and the recently published The Girl In The Ice
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Welcome to M's Bookshelf!

So Robert, most of us know you from your hilarious Coco Pinchard books. What made you decide on going from romantic comedy to crime/thriller?
Hi and thanks for welcoming me onto your blog. I’ve always wanted to write a crime thriller, and I realised that if I didn’t do it soon, I never would. For the past year the character of Erika Foster has been slowly taking shape in my mind, and I’ve been scribbling down notes and story ideas for the past few years. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced in taking on a new genre? 

I think it was moving from writing in the first person to writing in the third person. I found that it was very liberating, but challenging.

Will we be seeing both genres from you again in the future?

Absolutely! I love writing in both genres, and I have an option in my book contract to write both. 

In The Girl In The Ice you introduce us to an incredible heroine, DCI Erika Foster. What inspired you to write about her, and what do you love about her character the most?

Erika is a mixture of loads of people. A girl I went to school with who went into the police force, another friend who is very tough and fierce but extremely loyal. There is also a bit of Helen Mirren’s Jane Tennison character too. I love how loyal she is to her friends, and how she always does the right thing, even if it causes her personal anguish.

She has a link to your home country, Slovakia. Which place would you most recommend us to visit there?

The town I live in Nitra, is beautiful. There are lots of historical buildings and parks, and it has a vibrant night life. I love it here.

Which is the last book you read that had a big impact on you?

I recently finished reading Do No Harm written by the brain surgeon Henry Marsh. He spoke candidly about his career, his mistakes and triumphs. And it was fascinating to read all about brain surgery.

Thank you so much for this little chat, Robert. I can't wait to see (read) what's next ;-)

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