Saturday, 14 February 2015

Book Tour: Catching Lightning - Katie Stephens

Is there ever a right time and place for love? 
Can one ever tell when or where it will strike? 
Can the love of a man win over the loathing of his country? 

You never know where or when lightning will strike, but when it happens on a trip back to Kenya to bury your parents you know the timing isn’t great. 

Mel has spent the past 14 years resenting her parents for abandoning her at a boarding school in England while they went back to Kenya, a country she had come to hate, to run an orphanage and school for their charity. A tragic accident forces her to return to Kamuti for her parents’ funeral, forcing her to face her fear of flying and hatred for the place which has now stolen her parents from her for good. But meeting the people who meant so much to her parents and above all the gorgeous, England-educated Sam was not part of the plan. 

My opinion.
The first thing that struck me (hehe) about this book was it's gorgeous cover. Great design and colours!
... and what a fabulous story to match. Katie Stephens made me fall in love, not only with Mel, Sam and Kerry, but with Kenya as well. A country I've never been to before and never shown any interest in now feels as wonderful and familiar as an old holiday destination.
Catching Lightning is an incredibly emotional story full of love, friendship and loss. But most of all, it's beautiful. The people, the Center, their relationships... All of it is breathtakingly gorgeous and moving.
"Kenya gets under your skin"? Catching Lightning certainly got under mine. I will think back on all these wonderful characters long after reading this.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Katie Stephens is the #1 bestselling author of CANDLES ON THE SAND. She works in PR and lives in Surrey, England, with her husband Will and two young daughters. In 2008 Katie signed herself up for a creative writing course, loved it and found herself spending all her spare time (not much with 2 young children) at the computer. Her first novel Candles on the Sand, set on the Amalfi Coast, was published in 2011 and went on to become an Amazon bestseller. Facebook Katie-Stephens-Author Twitter @KatieStephensGB 

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