Monday, 26 October 2015

Q&A with Jenny Hale #BookoutureXmas

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Hi Jenny, welcome to M's Bookshelf!

What made you decide on writing Christmas themed books?  
Christmas is about family, love, and showing people we care about them—all the things that I like to put in my novels. There’s something so cozy about it, so romantic, that Christmas just fits for the type of story I like to write.

Is the writing process you go through different when you write a Christmas book? Or any specific 'habits' while writing?
Nope. I go through the same process every time. For me, I really need to know my characters first and their struggles. Secondly, I need to know the setting inside and out. Once I have those two things, I can usually roll with it.

What is, in your opinion, the most important "ingredient" for a good holiday themed story?
Romance. I like to teeter on the realistic-fantasy line. I think when we can put ourselves into the romance but have that perfect ending, it makes for a good holiday story.

Do you use real locations in your books or create them and why?
For all my books so far, I’ve used real locations. I think it’s because I can include the tiny details that only someone who’s been there knows. That makes it seem more real.

What will you wish for this Christmas?
A happy, healthy family and success with my writing. That’s all I need.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Jenny! Merry Christmas ;-)

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