Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Book review: The Holiday Survival Guide - Jane O'Reilly

The Holiday Survival Guide
The blurb.
Witty, clever, and sharp. It's going to be the holiday from hell...and that's just how Erica wants it. 

When tabloid journalist Erica Parker is forced to take a holiday, she's determined to make it the most miserable holiday she possibly can, but not even her impressive imaginative powers could have come up with sharing a tent with survival expert Nathan Wilde. 

Nathan was a married man with a successful TV show before Erica got to work on his life. Now the hottest man she’s ever met is single, furious, and he’s got her alone in the wilderness for three long days…

My opinion.

Erica is a tabloid journalist who's forced by her boss to go an holiday against her will. She's determined to not have any fun at all. She books herself a survival training experience in one of the coldest places imaginable with only snow and wild animals for company... and her survival guide, Nathan. 

When Nathan and Erica both find out who they'll be spending the next few days with, alone in the wilderness, things get confusing for both of them. Erica wants to prove a point, Nathan wants nothing to do with her. Or does he?

Erica wasn't an easy character to like at first. She's a tabloid journalist with, so it seems, no respect for boundaries or privacy. Nathan is one of the 'victims' of Erica's writing so it's easy to sympathize with him. Who would appreciate their personal lives to be splashed all over the tabloids, nationwide? But there in the ice cold wilderness, she's just a person with a job and a past; a past full of painful memories. Getting to know Erica's character more, liking her suddenly comes natural. But will Nathan have the same reaction to her opening up?
Jane O'Reilly brilliantly describes both sides of the story and switches easily between Nathan's point of view and Erica's. From the moment the lay eyes on each other there's an undeniable chemistry and sexual tension between them that's impossible to ignore. It just radiates of every page and makes the coldest place imaginable all of a sudden very, very hot.

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The Holiday Survival Guide is out January 1, 2014.
Don't miss this steaming hot novella!

Many thanks to Escape Publishing
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I absolutely loved reading this novella.


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