Friday, 2 January 2015

Book review: Grog Wars - Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Who will win the war for love and beer?
A self-made German brewer would willingly give it all for the love of his woman - while another, lesser man would seek to take it all and rid of the woman. Let the battles begin...

Forced into an arranged marriage and dispatched to a strange new country, a German Brew Master learned he would do almost anything for love. In 1849, Burke Kaufmann survived the first leg of his journey: the cross Atlantic voyage and the "floating coffin ships." Then he endured the Oregon Trail during its bloodiest history, with Aussie pal Queensy Gray in tow, and in due course he landed in Portland, Oregon - "Shanghai capital," and arguably the most dangerous place on earth.

Fighting for his life throughout his dangerous trek had succeeded in curing Kaufmann of his depression. The experience also made him enormously wealty, he was finally able to send for his bride, Lily. When he did, Burke's greatest danger so far traveled with her.

My opinion.
It had been a while since I last read an historical novel, and I couldn't be happier to break that 'pause' with Grog Wars. From the moment you meet the main characters, you can't help yourself but continue reading to see what will happen to them. Although at times you could smack them for being too naive and good-natured (Lilly!!), you stick with them until the end and even when you put down your book for a moment, you'll still catch yourself worrying about their well being. No other solution but to keep reading then!
Anne Sweazy-Kulju also managed to write one of thé most aggravating, annoying, horrible villains I ever came across in literary fiction. It is rare to feel such hatred towards a fictional character, but oh boy did I HATE Josh Strange.
Anne has clearly put an enormous amount of research in this book, which causes for an authenticity that will leave you with goosebumps. Maybe there is, at times, a bit too much information and detail cramped into this one novel. There were a few moments that, to me, didn't add to the story line or moments where a new story line was introduced so fast I needed a few extra pages to catch on. So maybe some "information overload" at times,  but the amount of detail sure makes for an incredible read. I definitely learned a lot about the "feel" of the period - the good and mostly the bad. 
Grog Wars is an incredibly detailed and thrilling historical novel with a lot of surprising twists. 



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