Friday, 9 January 2015

Book review: Seasons - Mario Saincic

Jessica Baxter leaves the city of Ft. Worth behind and accepts an offer to work on a wine farm on the Italian island of Sardinia. Excited at the prospect, she doesn't expect to get stranded on her first day. Her life takes a peculiar turn when a British architect reluctantly offers to help. 

Graeme Di Marco moved from the glamour of London in search of a peaceful life for his family. Soon after he arrives on the island, tragedy strikes and he ends up raising a high spirited six-year-old by himself. Not only is the guilt he carries for his wife's death all consuming, he now has to put up with an American that's full of sass. 

Graeme and Jess battle to get along, but little do they know that his father and daughter are playing cupid behind the scenes. Nastassja, the little girl, sprinkles her magic and the two of them soon fall in love; but will the memory of his loss drive them apart?

My opinion.
Seasons is an incredibly heartwarming story. It's emotionally charged from the very beginning and Mario Saincic will sweep you away to a gorgeous Italian island for an incredibly romantic journey.
It's not often that a 6 year old stars in a novel like this, but our wonderful Nastassja definitely steals the show. Even though I ended up really liking Graeme and Jess, Nastassja is the one I fell in love with. It was sometimes hard to believe that she was in fact only 6, but this adorable girl stole my heart and never failed to put a smile on my face.
I can only imagine how hard it is for Graeme, the struggle between the memory and love for his wife and this new shot at happiness with Jess; and for Jess to find a way to deal with all of that. At times I was frustrated with both of them for almost sabotaging their future together - Graeme consumed by guilt and Jess in doubt as to where she fit in, with Olivia never really out of the picture - but these moments of doubt and hesitation truly made this an incredible and inspiring journey to be a part of and I really enjoyed reading it.

Thank you, Mario, for sending me a copy of Seasons
and giving me the opportunity to read and fall in love 
with this beautiful story and it's characters.


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  1. Thank you, my dear, for your honest review. I am glad you fell in love with Nastassja...she was an amazing character to write.

  2. Oh man, a kid in a novel can really bring the heart. While contemporary isn't my cup of tea, I always loved when a 'secondary' character like a child or animal even stole the show in historical romances that I've read. Great review!